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Using Streaming Audio

To get streaming audio into Opensim/SL is a breeze. Just follow these instructions:

1. Download the free software
Download Broadwave Streaming Audio Server (free). When the webpage opens, click the Get It Now button.

2. Give it an mp3 file
When the software has installed and is running, go to the toolbar, and click on Options, Audio Files, and Add an mp3 file from your hard-drive. Click on OK. The server should now show a varying green bar, showing that the mp3 file is playing.

3. Connect locally
Click the Connect button. A webpage will open, containing links. Click the Broadwave Playlist, Broadband Stream, Windows Media link. Windows Media Player should now open in your browser and start playing the mp3 file.

Now that the first goal of getting the server delivering a streaming mp3 to your media player, in local mode, it is now time to broadcast to the internet.

4. Open your Router for TCP Port 88
If you use a router with an in-built hardware firewall, then you need to configure the router to pass the required port (called port-forwarding). The port that Broadwave needs to be open for inbound traffic is: TCP/88. There are detailed instructions on how to setup port-forwarding on your router on the PortForwarding website. Select your router from the list, then you will be taken to a page that lists most on-line games that need port-forwarding. Choose 3-In-a-Bed, as an example, this uses port 4871, follow the instructions for that, but replace 4871 with 88.

5. Get your current external IP address
You are probably connected to the internet using a dynamically assigned IP address (it changes from time to time) by your Internet Service Provider, and this will be the actual external address of your router. Get the current, external IP address of your router, using this link. Copy this to the clipboard. Mine looked like this:

6. Create the Streaming URL
On the toolbar click Options, then General, and under Connection select the 'Use this specified known domain or public IP', then paste your external IP address into the box, and OK. If you now click the Connect button all the links will now have this address inserted. The link here we need is the Broadband Download link, mine looked like this:

7. Try the URL
Just copy and paste that Streaming URL you just created into any browser. Windows media should now open, and your mp3 should play. Now launch Opensim or Second Life, and copy this URL into the Music URL box, on the Media tab of About Land. Press the music start button, and you should be able to hear your stream!

You can now experiment with several mp3 files, or even stream live music through your soundcard and use that as the source. You may also wish to move this software to a dedicated server, with a static IP address, especially if you want many people to be able to hear your broadcast.

Have fun,