Creating More Regions

To create more regions is quite easy. So, for example, to have 4 regions in a 2x2 grid here are the steps:

Step 1. Copy the default.xml File
Go to the Bin/Region folder and locate the default.xml file. It is this file that defines your single standalone region. By the way, I would rename this file now, to the name of your region, you might want to put its location into the filename too, so you can see at a glance. (I changed mine to anubia 1000x1000.xml). Copy this file, and paste 3 copies of it into the same folder.

Step 2. Get some UUIDs
Each region needs it own, unique UUID. To get UUIDS go here, a UUID will be waiting for you, copy and paste it into Notepad. Refresh the web page, and another UUID will be given, copy/paste this into Notepad too, do this once more, and you will have the extra 3 UUIDs you need.

Step 3. Edit the Region Files
Open the first of the three copies you made, delete the sim_UUID value, and replace it with the first UUID you got from the previous step. Change the sim-name to something else; change the sim_location_x to 1001 (leave the value for y alone, at 1000); change the internal_ip_port to 9001. Save.

Repeat this process for the next file copy, entering the next UUID, giving a new name, changing the x to 1000 and y to 1001, and the port to 9002.

Repeat this process for the next file copy, entering the next UUID, giving a new name, changing the x to 1001 and y to 1001, and the port to 9003.

Step 4. Open more Ports in the Firewall
Now, if you remember how you opened your firewall or router to allow TCP port 9000 to pass, repeat this to allow ports TCP 9001-9003 to pass also (see step 2 in Tutorial 3 in the Main Tutorials for more details).

You now have 4 regions in a nice 2x2 grid!

Step 5. Changing the Terrain for each Region
To change trhe terrain for each region individually, in the server console, type

change-region regionname (replace 'regionname' with the name of your second region)

The region that all commands will now apply to will be this new name you gave. So, you can go ahead and load a terrain file:

terrain load c:\myterrain1.raw

Repeat for the other regions you created.


Anonymous said...

I have a question.... i have EVERYTHING done set up... my servers are up and running... except the messenger server :-/ but anyway... if i try to log in through the SL client... i cant see my other sim i create... BUT if i login to the Realxtend viewer or Hippo viewer... i can see the other sims... if you have a answer PLEASE send me a message or IM me at thanks so much!

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