Deleting A Region

There are two ways to delete a region, but they both have very different net results if you have objects on the region at the time it is deleted.

However, whether you have objects on the region or not, it is still good practice to use the command specifically developed to delete a region (delete-region ), rather than 'the other way' of simply going into the Regions folder and deleting the unwanted region there.

Deleting a region by deleting the unwanted region in the Regions folder can orphan objects that are on the region in the database. The objects are still in the database, but the region UUID that these objects are flagged as belonging to no longer exists. For this reason I will not pursue this method for deleting regions.

This tutorial will therefore only deal with the 'approved' way, and I will give the procedure for dealing with any objects that may be on the regions at the time.

Procedure 1: Deleting a Region and all the Objects on it
This is the simplest case. Assuming that the region to be deleted is called Alpha, go into the opensim server console and type:

delete-region Alpha

This command will remove the region, delete the Alpha.xml file from the Regions folder, and remove all objects from that were on Alpha from the database.

Procedure 2: Deleting a Region but returning all Objects First
There is no console command (yet) that will do this, so first the landowner (usually the Master Avatar) needs to log into the region, and from his viewer go into About Land (by right-clicking on the ground, or on the Region name at the top centre of the viewer screen), then clicking on the Objects tab. By clicking on the Refresh List button all the owners of prims and the number of prims they own will be displayed. By selecting a name from the list, the Return Objects... button then becomes highlighted, and clicking this will return all of that person's objects. You can continue returning all the objects you wish using this method.

When done, log out, and following Procedure 1 to delete the region.

Procedure 3: Deleting a region but transferring all the Objects on it First
To do this the landowner must log in first, and set the land for sale, by selecting About Land (right-clicking on the ground, or by left-clicking the Region name at the top centre of the viewer screen), then selecting the General Tab, and clicking the Sell land... button.

The price can be set to L$0, but to transfer all the objects to a particular person a named buyer must be entered in the second option box. The third option asks 'Sell the objects with the land?'.

The answer, of course, is 'Yes, sell objects with land', then click on the Set Land for Sale.

The user to whom the objects are to be transferred must then be logged in, the land bought, and then they will receive all the objects. They can then be logged out, and Procedure 1 followed for deleting the region.

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