Using Toad for MySQL

Having migrated from SQLite to MySQL, and not being a big fan of command-line consoles, I wanted a nice windows graphical interface to the OpenSim database being used by MySQL. Fortunately, an excellent interface to MySQL databases is provided, free of charge, from Quest Software, Toad for MySQL, available for download from here.

After downloading the Toad zip package, unzip the contents and launch the Toad for MySQL Freeware exe file. Accept the License Agreement, and when you get to the Register File Extensions page ensure that all boxes are ticked, including the .sql box.

When the installation is complete, leave the 'Start Toad when installation is complete' box checked, and click on Finish.

Toad should then start, and open in the Connections window. Ensure that the options are set as follows:

Connection Type: TCP
Host: localhost
User: root (or the user name if you changed it from root)
Password: (your MySQL password)
Database: opensim (if this was the name you used when creating a database for OpenSim)
Port: 3306

Check the Save Password box, then click on Connect.

You are now inside your Opensim database and free to explore. I strongly suggest you read the Release notes first, and join the Toad MySQL forum to get tips on how to use Toad and get the most out of it.

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Anonymous said...

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