Running two Instances of OpenSim

My son came to see me and asked if he could move his standalone opensim from his laptop to my nice new server (still as a standalone, not as part of my grid). This seemed like an interesting project, little did I know all the hoops I would have to jump through to achieve this. Eventually, after much help in the #opensim irc channel, most notably from Lexa, I got there. So here are the steps you should take, to avoid all the blind allies that I ran up.

Step 1: Create a new Database
Open the MySQL command console, and create another database for the second instance, I called mine opensim01.

Step 2: Download OpenSim
Download and install a fresh copy of the OpenSim binary from the OSGrid website.

Step 3: Edit opensim.ini
Copy the opensim.ini from the first instance into the bin folder of the second instance.

Make the following changes to the opensim.ini file in the second instance:

  • Do a Search and Replace for Database=opensim to Database=opensim01
  • Go to the [Network] section, and change http_listener_port = 9000 to =9020
The reason for this choice of port number is that I have 25 regions in my own standalone grid, using ports 8994 to 9018 inclusive, so I allocated port 9020 for my son's single region. You can allocate any unused port number you wish here.

Step 4: Launch OpenSim
Run the second instance of opensim, and answer the nine questions, giving the following reponses:

  • Region Name [Opensim Test]: Draconia (example)
  • Grid location (X-Axis) [1000]: Enter
  • Grid location (Y-Axis) [1000]: Enter
  • Internal IP Address []: Enter
  • Internal IP Port [9000]: 9020 (or whatever unused port you wish to allocate)
  • External Host Name []: (just an example)
  • First name of Master Avatar: Hawkwind (example)
  • Last name of Master Avatar: Dragonslayer (example)
  • Password for Master Avatar [test]: XXXXXXX
Note: The values in square brackets are the defaults that are taken if you just press the Enter key.

Step 5: Edit the Viewer
Edit the loginuri for the Hippo viewer to (using the examples above)

If you are using the SL client, the target would look like this:
"C:\Program Files\SecondLife\SecondLife.exe" -loginuri

Both instances should now be running, and you can log into both the respective opensims.


stormcatz said...

can you email me i need help and im running windows 7

i want to have 16 regions on my puter that has 4 gigs ram

also do i really need MySQL and if so whats the reason

Jorge Calero said...

Thank you very much for these details. This is the only place where I could find confirmation if a specific server HAD to run on port 9000 (regardless of the regions) or it could be set up on any other available port.

Much appreciated.