Upgrading OpenSim

Step 1: Edit the opensim.ini file
Do not simply copy your old opensim.ini to the new bin folder, as there may well be new features in the newer build and settings for those features may well have been added to the new opensim.ini file. It is far better to compare the two opensim.ini files to see what the differences are. If no new features have been added then copy the old opensim.ini to the new bin folder.

A very handy (and free) tool that I use to compare files is ExamDiff from PrestoSoft. This tool will show you all the differences between two text files, as this screenshot demonstrates.

Step 2: Copy your Regions Folder
Copy your Regions folder from the bin folder of your your previous build to the bin folder of the new build.

Step 3: Copy Your Database Files
If you are using MySQL you need to do nothing. Your new opensim build will start working with it right away. If you are using SQLite then copy across the files listed above, and in addition copy across all the files with a *.db extension from the Bin folder.

If you are working in gridmode instead of standalone mode you will also need the next step:

Step 4: Copy the UGAIM Config Files
Copy the UGAIM config files from the previous bin folder to the new one:


and the estate settings file:


That should be all you need to get the new build up and running very quickly.


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